Thursday, June 2, 2011

not so mellow yellow

Has anyone ever noticed how much chrome is on a 57 Bel Air? Let me enlighten you.. ALOT! I had more colorful words for "alot" but, since this is a public know.

I so graciously said I would help my dad put the trim and things on the yellow 57 we are building at the moment. it's fun, entertaining, and frustrating all in the same sentence and...rewarding! I love seeing the cars finished and to know that I had a hand in then is cool too. I'm normally the parts fetcher, I get a list of "man speak" and I decipher it into something that makes sense and order it from the appropriate company. So a break from the computer is always nice, and knowing that my dad is just around the corner incase something doesn't fit right and I need his expert advice helps too.

Aren't family business' fun!? :)

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