Thursday, June 23, 2011

close your eyes and make a wish...

The Make A Wish people are always so very gracious and thankful when we work with them. This was our first "re-do" car for a MAW kid and we have to say...we would do it a thousand times over. It's nice to give back to the community as well as help a person in need, especially a kid. :)

He came to "take a look" at it this morning, he's been in about a handful of times throughout the build and he's loved every second of it, so he expected this morning to be no different. That is until he noticed his family, and the cheery blue shirted MAW volunteers. He instantly knew what was going on... and he was ear to ear.

In typical teenage fashion he was very reserved and quiet, but you could tell from his smile and inability to look away from the grey beauty in front of him that he was shocked, most likely still is.

congrats on your new car! oh, and don't run it into anything will you?? :D

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