Monday, June 14, 2010

A motorcycle no more...

I know last time I graced this blog, that I put shame on Chevrolet for making their V6 Camaro sound like a motorcycle off the line. I know that the the environment people keep the newly formed muscle cars from sounding like their predecessors, and I understand why, but when you sound like a yamaharley when you drive away, and you work where I's not exactly the sexiest thing around.

Enter Magnaflow. Their kits NEVER let us down and they are just the best people. period. They have a Cat-Back system for the V6. SCORE! :)

There she is, getting ready for her exhaust.

Ready. set go. This is the ONLY way to get the back half of the exhaust out. I promise.

Notice that I was the ONLY one reading the instructions. (men.)

Unclamp it, saw it, and yank it out.

The Cat-Back V6 system in all it's glory.

Compared to the yamaharley sounding stock exhaust. yikes.

Time to put the Magnaflow system in!!

occasionally, a clamp goes rampant and jacks your glove.

it's not's artsy.

No. This is NOT product placement. However, Magnaflow did provide the exhaust. :)
Gotta give credit where credit is do riiight? Right.

The entire install from start to finish took and hour and a half, which is super quick. The guys made it look easy and simple, which they have said it was. We recommend any of their systems for any vehicle you might have.

You can find out more by clicking the Magnaflow logo below.

Here are a couple of quick videos of the Camaro After the Magnaflow install. I must say it no longer sounds like a yamaharley.


P.S. : My parents bought a 2010 Mustang this last be prepared for the battle royal of Ford vs. Chevy.

Friday, June 11, 2010

the camaro gets stripes...

Well, I did it. I made a five year commitment to a little red Camaro this Memorial Day. As much fun as it was to drive stock, I started seeing myself on the freeway, not in red..but in grey, in black, in white. So I figured it was time to make my Camaro a little different. Stripes right? Naturally. What color? Black.

Ok. Easy enough, I'll get a sticker kit from the factory and it will be just enough different to set me apart from the sea of Camaros stalking the streets. Wrong. Not only do they want $800 for vinyl stripes but EVERYONE and their mother has them too. Solution? Paint them on, after all we do have a paint shop in the same building and said paint shop owner owes this girl a favor or two.

So, it's decided. We paint them on. Why? For one, we can make them any shape, size, or variation that we want. Two, NO ONE driving a Camaro with stripes will have MY stripes.

I like this. ALOT. :)

PPG is our friend, and my friend in this case, which is why we are using their fabulous paint to spray the stripes with.

To anyone wanting to paint on stripes. Be prepared for AT LEAST 3 hours of tape and prep.

This handle will be the downfall of the mob.

SO. everything is taped up, and ready to go...well..maybe not.

Three hours of laying out stripes will do this to you. I didn't ever want to look at blue tape again.

hahaha...If I get fisheyes in my stripes because of you.....

Ok. your safe this time, only cause they had to wipe it off.

FINALLY! paint. Guess what it took mayybee 10 mins. ugh.

Lets not forget the deck-lid Stripes!

40 Mins and a carl's cheeseburger later it was time to pull the tape on the stripes. woot!!

DONE! well, the spoiler is missing, it's painted too..
Now tell me, who has those stripes besides me? NO ONE! I like those odds. :)


Next up on the seemingly never-ending list of things to do to my little red wonder is the exhaust. Chevrolet, I love you, but you should be ashamed to let your V6 Camaro sound like a motorcycle. Shame.

Magnaflow Performance Exhaust is the best, hands down, and we will be installing their V6 cat-back system on my Camaro next.