Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just Another Day at the Shop

Thought I'd let everyone see just how the work gets done around here...and show a few projects at the same time. Let's see...
Adam's working on Dennis DeCamp's '70 Mustang,

This is Bill Craig's '51 Woody

Attila's doing metal magic on Bob Matranga's '55 Chevy,

Barry's making window templates for Tom Howse's Anglia (and talking),

Garret is working on wiring all over the place.

Ryan is deep in the engine compartment of Bob's '71 Chevelle

Bryce must be hiding somewhere...maybe he's just camera shy, but I'll catch him next time. As you can see, we stay pretty busy...but there's always room for the next project!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Our Father's Day Weekend

As we have for the past 25 years, we spent Father's Day weekend at the LA Roadster show at the Pomona fairgrounds. We've had the same vendor spot under the shade cloth for all that time, but this year we thought we'd shake it up a bit, take our big rig out and park outside. It was definitely a good move, as we were able to get more cars in our booth, we had two canopies with chairs for customers and friends to hang out, and the added bonus of the living quarters in the trailer to eat our lunch in. The main purpose of going to shows like this is to connect with customers, both old and new, and show off any cool and/or new projects we've been working on. We spent plenty of time talking to fans of the TV show too - Barry even had to autograph a couple of pictures for people, which still makes him feel funny. He says "Why do these people want my signature, I'm just a normal guy". But it's a very cool thing to have people from all over the world come up to you and be so excited just to see you and talk to you for a few minutes. All in all, it was a good show, and we're looking forward to our next outing at the Great Labor Day Cruise, September 4-6 at the Orange County Fairgrounds.

Friday, June 19, 2009

ahhh Father's Day..

The smell of BBQ, the rumble of hot rods, the scorching heat...it must be Father's day!

Most normal families spend the day with dad at home, maybe go out to dinner. Not us! We like to spend it talking to our friends and customers out at the LA Roadster's Father's Day Show!! We normally have a booth under the shady sun cloth, but we decided to change it up this year and bring out the BIG rig. We are now situated along the "main street" and have quite a few cars in the booth.

Labor Day Cruise will also be in our booth signing up people for camping, vendors, and cars. Have you heard it's a ALL NEW SHOW this year?? you haven't? Well then, you need to visit www.occa-inc.com and see what all the buzz is about!!

Since this is our first "formal" post in the blog, I would like to introduce you to this cool new feature of our online experience. We will be posting EVERY DAY about the adventures and well.. the misadventures in the shop. We will also be featuring a "Friday Fire Sale" which is cars that are for sale via you featured on our blog every friday! Send them in to jenn@supermusclecar.com and we will post one every friday.

Hope to see you all at the LA Roadster's Show!

-Jenn White (yes, Barry's daughter!)